Creative Boredom

When projects are low and you’re feeling slightly bored, of course you turn to hand embroidery.  Don’t you???

My time is better spent being productive I figure and given other projects are done it was time to spend the birthday ‘Spotlight’ voucher!

My inspiration – Annie Oakley.



I have loved this outfit for some time but had never really considered getting stuck into it or for that fact, even thinking about how I would go about it.

However, not one to shy away from a challenge, now was the perfect time!  So I thought.

With Mum’s words ringing in my ears regarding the use of machine embroidery I was still determined to attempt this thing called hand embroidery.  Have I lost the plot?!

With (hopefully) enough cotton drill purchased for the outfit I started to research hand embroidery and different stitches and techniques. Yes, I told you, I really haven’t done anything like this before!

Pinterest is a girls best friend for many things and it certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to this.

First find a pattern that would suit and look very similar.

Yep that will work.  Next I worked out exactly how I wanted it to look, added a couple more different flowers just so I could include a bit more colour and voila! we had a pattern!


Oh! Back to Pinterest. So I found a site which was extremely helpful for my ‘boots and all’ attempt at hand embroidery. What a great site, took heaps of pictures for reference and just jumped in because that’s how I roll. Lol! no time to be wasted!

So I refer now to the above picture again. Drawn out on baking paper – fabric carbon paper – fabric panel – lightweight interfacing – ready for action.  Next, trace pattern onto panel and then reverse trace onto the opposing panel.  Oh yes, dear readers, not just one panel but I need to do two.


Next up, iron the fabric which sets the carbon tracing.  Perfect I say, no worry about print disappearing as time progresses. You never know JUST how long this project may take me. Would be good to have it done inside 6 months though. (she says through a gritted teeth smile)

Any who, so with other projects finished it’s time to test out this hand embroidery gig and no, I didn’t do a sample piece first, just jumped in onto the real deal.  What’s the worst that could happen? unpick and start again? Haa! have not had to do that…….yet.

Mum is still a little doubtful and thinks I will give in to the machine! hee hee hee

Well suffice to say, some 13 and 1/4 hours later this is where I’m at.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself actually.  I’ve started the section inside the hoop today so progressing reasonably well.  Car projects!!  Got something to do next week in the car on the way to Millmerran.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Kat xo